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Emergency Work
Emergencies can happen when you least expect it. The same applies to electrical concerns. If you are skilled when it comes to electrical elements, then it will not be that much of an issue as you can attend to the problem on your own....
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Domestic Work
Despite being a largely residential suburb, Hunters Hill can still accommodate its residents with shopping, food, and other needs through specific commercial areas. You will find several shops located at the corner of Alexandra and Ferry Street...
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Commercial Work
Hunters Hill is undoubtedly a major residential suburb in Sydney. A majority of the total area is comprised of houses. Commercial areas are also present with numerous buildings included under the national heritage list. The beauty of this suburb did not...
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Hunters Hill Electrician

Hunters Hill Electrician

Like other Sydney suburbs, Hunters Hill also boasts of buildings included under the national heritage list. These buildings include schools, public and government offices, churches, inns, and residential houses. There are specific areas with commercial activity but majority of the place is comprised of reserves as well as residential homes.

Whether you own or manage a national heritage building or not, we understand that electrical systems and units are vital in your business or home. Thus, we offer electrical services around Hunters Hill. We provide the following electrical services – installation, inspection, testing, fault finding, maintenance, repair, rewire, remodelling, reconstruction, upgrade, and emergency services. CONTACT US today and allow us to be of service to your home or businesses electrical needs in Hunters Hill and nearby areas.

Hunters Hill Man Moves In to a New House with Filthy Fan Lights and No Smoke Alarms Lead to Local Electricians for Help

So, Damien from Hunters Hill in Sydney, had just moved to a new house in Farnell Street in Hunters Hill which is a western part of Hunters Hill, getting close to Gladesville. He just moved in to the house, the ceiling fans with lights and remote controls, were in both bedrooms. Most lights were working although after a minute they would flicker on and off constantly. I came out and had a look, one of the fans had a dodgy remote control and the other fans motor had failed. I had to un-install the second one as it was not sustainable any more. Although with the first I took the remote control from the one I had just un-installed and hooked it up to this one, and the fan was working. He did not want the fan after I had un-installed it, so I put in a light for him there and the problem was solved. While I was there, parts of his house did not have smoke alarms, so I gave him a quote to come back another day and install them. I also quoted on other jobs around his house such as; a dodgy power point and 6 cables to run from his study to the TV room so he could watch movies off of his hard drive. He was quite happy with these quotes and we completed the jobs within the next week.

So if you have any electrical problems or want anything done in the Hunters Hill area, please give a search or call us, the number is at the top of the screen.

Why We Are the Best Choice

We are the only company strategically offering the aforementioned electrical services in Hunters Hill. There may be countless other service providers in Sydney, but we are the only company which specifically caters to the needs of Hunters Hill residents and business owners.

Our electricians are very competent when it comes to their job. All staff are properly trained, certified, licensed, and even insured as electricians. Everyone is also undergoing continuous education through seminars and short courses in order to improve their skills and to be updated with new developments when it comes to electrical service in general.

We answer your calls and attend to your needs immediately no matter what time you call.

We offer energy efficient solutions to your electrical issues. With less power consumption, we help cut down electricity costs. We are one with the government’s program for energy efficiency.

Our services are within your means. We do not overcharge and will not bill you with unexpected fees.

We respect your time. We always arrive on time and will complete jobs within a reasonable time frame.

We may even offer general inspection services at no extra cost. We inspect and test electrical appliances and elements, propose a plan of action, provide a quote of how much it will cost, and will implement the plan as soon as you approve the proposal.

Aside from general inspection services, our electrical team also offer regular maintenance services; testing and fault finding; emergency electrician service available on a 24/7 basis; electrical service for interior or exterior areas including hard to reach places; repair, rewire, remodel, reconstruction, or upgrade; and installation services.

For detailed information on everything we offer, please check the complete list found on this site including their corresponding fees. You can also reach us over the phone or in person for more details. Please be as detailed as possible when describing your concern in order for us to determine a course of action as soon as we can, even as we discuss it with you over the phone or personally. We can also conduct a more thorough inspection of the actual area physically.

CALL US NOW for all your domestic or commercial electrician needs at Hunters Hill and places nearby and let our electricians do the job for you.

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Just wanted to let you know I was very impressed in the manner in which the works were done. The electrician came when you said they did and cleaned up after themselves. I am so pleased that I would recommend you to anyone needing electrical works.
M. RossianiHunters Hill
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