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Halogen down-lights when set up as home assets:

  • Halogen down-lights were made to offer you relaxing brightness
  • Are quite dark but the brightness is controllable
  • A category of light bulbs that can be installed into a variety angle beams that enable you to control any kind of halogen down-light features you desire
  • Because of the effect of an elevated roof structure, halogen down-lights allow you to feel more cosy at your home

Considerations when using halogen down-lights

  • Alertness is essential for establishing halogen down-lights as there is a fire threat if set up incorrectly
  • Halogen down-lights may develop heat (up to 370 degrees) this is why proper assembly is very important, and must be far from ceiling insulations
  • Original fire defence is supplied to fit around during the entire down-light assembly in order to decrease the chance of a fire
  • We, as registered electricians can help and advise you on any issues you have with halogen down-lights and to evaluate your current halogen down-lights if you have issues about their safety

If you plan to put in place a variety of halogen down-lights, remember that the typical halogen down-light is not recommended. Mostly because 50 Watt halogen down-lights may produce 65 Watts of power; which means that up to 15 Watts of power is lost due to the transformer.

Desire to be charged less? LED down-lights are ready to serve
That’s right! LED down-lights are ready to serve you, by charging you less in your electricity bill. You could save up to 90% on your light consumption, as these lights emit less heat than common the light.

Try to position over benches and lounge chairs where possible to avoid shadows. Place in rows that line up:
300 – 600 mm from walls
1100 – 1600 mm between lights for bright areas
1400 – 2000 mm between lights for lounge room (not so bright)

Down-lights, an excellent replacement to brighten up your home
In order to prevent a fire resulting from how halogen down-lights are set up,  a heat guard is used to cover up the component of the halogen down-light which is placed into the roof gap of your home.

Implementing an area, not having a light fitting is definitely one of down-light capabilities

  • Implementing extra light in wonderful design and style
  • Halogen down-lights are excellent quality and as well modernised that will certainly match each home décor
  • The aluminium high temperature cover protects the heat placed backward with the halogen dichroic light to prevent fire possibilities
  • It offers secured space in all different kinds of roof cavity’s insulating material

For additional ideas and how to effectively organise your halogen down-lights and also to develop your home amenities, CONTACT US, straight away and have a good chat to our skilled electricians!